This website is a collection of my thoughts and opinions. I am not here to critique, but to celebrate and share my passion and adulation for the artists I admire.

From a young age music has surrounded me. Whether it was my mom passionately singing along to the radio(to best of her ability). The hymns being sung in church. My older brother listening to rap in his bedroom. I often kept my father company while he was hard at work in the garage to experience the soulful sounds of Ray Charles.

Long story short, I love music. I love learning about music. I love listening to music. I love writing about music. Music isn’t just sound, it’s expression. It represents a person’s thoughts and how they choose to convey them.

On this website, I plan on posting about the genres of music I admire the most. I’ll review albums (both classic and contemporary), post music and performance videos, as well as a series I’ve deemed “Under the Microscope.” Which will be a showcase series on the impact a singular force, group, album, single, or moment had within the context of music history.

Music’s history is grand and there are plenty of anecdotes to be shared about artists that span all genres, cultures, and movements.